Translations on Current Affairs: FBIS and JPRS

FBIS: Foreign Broadcast Information Service

The U.S. Foreign Broadcast Information Service monitors foreign broadcasts, news agency transmissions, newspapers, periodicals and government statements and publishes translations in the FBIS Daily Reports. The FBIS Daily Reports were issued from 1941 to mid-1996. For much of that time, they were issued in eight parts, covering all the regions of the world. As of September 17, 1996, he FBIS Daily Reports ceased publication in print format, merging with the Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) translations.

From 1996 forwards, FBIS and JPRS translations are available in electronic format.

FBIS 1996 to the present

FBIS publications, Foreign Broadcast Information Service [on CD-ROM]
Govt Info Media Collection: DOC PREX 7.10/3: CD-ROM 1996 to current.
CD-ROMs of FBIS and JPRS translations are distributed quarterly by the Government Printing Office. CD-ROMs are available for consultation on an appointment basis via the HSSGIS Reference Desk, 2nd Floor Shields Library, (530) 752‑9862, Because of copyright restrictions, the government does not allow us to circulate the CDs for use outside the library. Users are also not allowed to print from the CDs. This material is full text, and must be searched disk by quarterly disk.

FBIS Daily Reports 1978-1996

From 1978 to 1996, the library received FBIS translations, published as Daily reports by geographic region, in microfiche. These microfiche are housed in the Shields Library Microcopy Room in the Lower Level. Facilities for viewing and printing are available adjacent to the collection.

Daily Report: China. [Microfiche]
Microcopy Collection: DS701 U55 mf11
Daily Report: East Asia. [Microfiche]
(former title: Daily Report: Asia and the Pacific)
Microcopy Collection: DS1 U55 mf11
Daily Report: East Europe. [Microfiche]
Microcopy Collection: DJK1 U55 mf11
Daily Report: Latin America. [Microfiche]
Microcopy Collection: F1401 U55 mf11
Daily Report: Near East and South Asia. [Microfiche]
(former title: Daily Report: South Asia, and Daily Report: Middle East and Africa)
Microcopy Collection: DS41 D352 mf11
Daily Report: Sub-Saharan Africa. [Microfiche]
Microcopy Collection: DT1 D35 mf11. 1987-1996
Daily Report: Soviet Union [Microfiche]
Retitled Daily Report: Central Eurasia, January, 1992.
Microcopy Collection: DK274 A2 U55
Daily Report: Western Europe. [Microfiche]
Microcopy Collection: D1050 U55 mf11

Indexes to FBIS Reports

For some years, Shields Library received printed indexes to four of the regional reports listed above. The indexes provide subject access to the contents of the reports. These indexes are located In the Government Information Reference collection on the Lower Level of Shields Library. For area reports not covered by indexes, the reports must be scanned during the time period of interest for pertinent information. There is a table of contents on the first page of each daily report. A monthly table of contents microfiche reprints all of the daily tables of content for the month for each geographic area Daily report series.

Daily Report, China Index.
DS701 U55. 1979-1993
Daily Report, East Europe Index.
DJK 1 D34. 1987-1993
Daily Report, Latin America Index.
F1401 D332. 1978-1993
Daily Report, Soviet Union Index.
DK1 D342. 1979-1993
Index to the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) daily reports CD-ROM, NewsBank/Readex.
A CD-ROM index covering 1991-September 13, 1996 is available on workstations in the Government Information reference area. Select NewsBank from the Programs listed on the Start menu, and select FBIS to open a search screen.

Foreign Radio Broadcasts 1968-1974

Daily Reports: Foreign Radio Broadcasts. [Microfilm]
Microcopy Collection: D839.3 U54 mf
Radio broadcast translations were prepared for the time period 1968-1974.

Joint Publication Research Service

JPRS, the largest single producer of English-language translations, was established in 1957 to provide agencies of the U.S. Federal government with translations of political, scientific and technical literature from Newspapers, books, scholarly and technical journals and sources in all fields of technology, science, and the social sciences. Translations were performed by private researchers and linguists under government contract to JPRS. JPRS publications were merged into the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports described above, in 1995.

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC®) ( Technical Reports Collection includes citations to and selected full-text of JPRS reports from 1974 to the present. Users can search the Technical Reports Collection via Public STINET (Scientific and Technical Information Network). The DTIC collection provides selected full text and supplements the UCD JPRS collection described below. Some JPRS translations from DTIC go back as far as 1955.

JPRS 1958-1978

UCD has a Readex Microprint collection covering JPRS reports 1958-1978.

JPRS 1978-1996

UCD has combined JPRS and FBIS Microfiche 1978-1996. See list above.

JPRS Indexes (before 1996)

Catalog cards in book form for United States Joint Publications Research Service Translations.
Govt Info Reference: Z1223 Z9 K9. 1957-1961--1969 pt.1; v.8,no.1-2,July/Dec.1969-June 1970.
Transdex: bibliography and index to the United States Joint Publications Information Service (JPRS) publications.
Govt Info Reference: Z1223 Z9 K9. v.9-11,July-Dec.1970-July 1972/June 1973.
Bell & Howell transdex (Index to JPRS reports) [microform].
Microcopy Collection: Z1223 Z9 B4 mf11
Transdex index.
Microcopy Collection: Z1223 Z9 B4 mf11
Index to Readex microprint edition of JPRS Reports, Joint Publications Research Service.
Bibliography-index to current U.S. JPRS translations : [various areas, years]

Additional Resources for News Translations

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  • Microcopy Collection: D839 C87 mf11. 1949-1992
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