Guide to Government Statistical Resources Online

General Sources

Statistical Abstract of the United States (
Annual statistical compilation from the U.S. Bureau of the Census. (
One-stop gateway to statistics from all Federal agencies and programs. Find data by agency, subject, or program.
California Statistical Abstract (
Annual compilation of California statistical data from the California Department of Finance ( Tables are available in excel for downloading, or may be viewed as html or pdf formats.


U.S. Department of Agriculture (
Food and Agriculture Organization (


U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (
U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (
California Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Statistics Center (

Demography and Population

U.S. Bureau of the Census (
California Statistical Abstract (
Link to the latest annual compilation of statistical data from and about California.
California Department of Finance (
Agency compiles financial and economic data, demographic data, budget and finance data, for example:
European Union (
United Nations (

Economic Data

Economic (
Bureau of Economic Analysis (
This U.S. Dept. of Commerce agency collects and disseminates economic data including Gross Domestic Product, and National Income and Product Accounts.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (
World Bank (

Education and Health

National Center for Education Statistics (
Data related to education in the United States. Popular publications including data are:
National Center for Health Statistics (
The Center collects vital and health statistics and conducts surveys and collects data on health issues.
California Department of Health Services (
California Department of Education (

Selected International Organization Statistical Data

Asian Development Bank (
European Union (
World Trade Organization (

Foreign Statistics

Official Statistics on the Web. Available by country, by region, or by topic.

Other Guides

Government Statistics (
Guide prepared by CSU Fresno
Statistical Resources on the Web (
Guide from University of Michigan Document Center provides good subject guide to government statistics.

Data from other sources

ICPSR - Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (
UC Data - UC Berkeley (