Manuscript Collections
Collection Titles Beginning with L

TitleAssigned Subject
L'Amour, Lynette and Sidiku. Collection.Language and Literature
Laben, Robert. Collection.Animal Science
Laidlaw, Harry Hyde (1907-2003). Papers.Apiculture
Lammerts, Walter E. (1904-1996). Papers.Plant Science
Lange, William Harry (1912-2004). Papers.Entomology
Larkey, Joann Leach. Papers.California History
Learn, Elmer W. Reports and Speeches.Political Science
Lebaustri French Enology Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Lee, K.W. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Lee, Lawrence Bacon (1917-2003). CorrespondencePolitical Science
Leffingwell, Randy (1948-). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Leigh, John H. (1858-1934). Papers.Performing Arts
Lemert, Edwin McCarthy (1912-1996). Papers.Political Science
Leslie, Alan and Fanny. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Lewis Family PapersCalifornia History
Lewis, Michael (1936-). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Li, Jon. Collection.California History
Liberty Farms Company Archives.Agriculture
Liddell-Hart, Basil H. (1895-1970). Papers.Political Science
Lindley Family Papers.California History
Lithographs of Engravings. Collection.Art and Architecture
Little Leather Library Collection.Language and Literature
Living Theatre Archives.Performing Arts
Lloyd, Wylie E. Papers.Natural Resources
Lo, Jung-pang (1912-1981). Papers.Political Science
Lockhart, Robert. Collection.California History
Lofland, John. Papers.Political Science
Loney, Glenn M. (1928- ). Papers.Performing Arts
Long, James Dewey. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Loomis, Edmond C. Papers.Entomology
Lott, Dale F. (1933-2004). Papers.Animal Science
Lovelace, Billie. Collection.California History
Lownsbery, Benjamin Ferris (1920-2000). Papers.Plant Science
Lug Label Collection.Art and Architecture
Luh, Bor Shiun. ReprintsFood Processing and Manufacture
Lust, Geraldine. Papers.Performing Arts