Staff Email Vacation Auto-responder


If you will be away from your email for an extended period of time, you may find it useful to notify your correspondants that you will not be replying soon. By following these instructions you will cause a message of your choosing to be automatically sent in reply to any email you recieve.

Each correspondant will only get a single notification during your vacation. Effort has been made to recognize mailing lists so that this reply will not be sent to groups of users.

Campus Email Vacation Auto-responder

A new feature is available on Zimbra for users that frequently use the away/vacation message setting and forward their campus email to their Library email. This new feature will now allow the Zimbra server to auto reply to emails forwarded from your campus address. If you are interested in and wish to enable this feature, please open a ticket with Information Technology Infrastructure Services requesting to add this feature to your Zimbra account. Please be sure to provide your campus email address in your request.

Instructions for your Library Email Account

  1. Use a browser to login to Zimbra (

  2. Click on the Preferences tab.

    Zimbra screen with options tab chosen.
  3. Click on the Mail tab.

    Zimbra screen with mail tab chosen.
  4. Check Send auto-reply message.

  5. In In the text box, enter the auto-reply (vacation) message to be sent, such as "I am currently out of the office and am checking voice mail but not email. I will return on Jan 1, 2009."

    Zimbra screen with away messages enabled checked and text box with message.
  6. Optionally, enter a start and end date for the message.

  7. Click Save. The away message feature is enabled immediately.

  8. To disable the vacation message, follow steps one and two. Then uncheck the Send auto-reply message box.