Wireless Access

Wireless access to the UC Davis Network is available to campus students, faculty and staff in the Shields Library, the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library, and the Carlson Health Sciences Library. Various other campus units also support wireless access.

Wireless Access for Visiting UC Faculty, Students, and Staff

eduroam is the wireless network available to all eduroam-enabled accounts. To use an eduroam account from a participating campus (http://www.eduroamus.org/eduroam_us_institutions), please follow the instruction for configuration (http://xbase.ucdavis.edu/itexpress/?f=art&art=2118).

Problem Resolution

Wireless service is provided by IET, not the Library.

For assistance with problems in configuring your laptop, registering or logging on to the campus network, contact IT Express at 754-HELP or ithelp@ucdavis.edu.

For more information, see the UC Davis Wireless Networking page (http://wireless.ucdavis.edu/)